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The Urban Survival Gear TiScribe Bolt Mini Pen: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to check out a great pen, which is just a shorter version of an existing great pen, the USG TiScribe Bolt Mini.

What survival gear i found at Dollar Tree / Dollar Tree Haul $

I went to Dollar Tree to see what survival things I could find. Let me know if there are more stores you want to see, or if i sould go in store to show you more.

Walmart Survival Gear Review

I am doing a review on 3 different Items in this video all coming from Walmart and all under $6, 5 piece cooking pans, little cooking stove and mountain house …

Schrade 22" Outback Machete Review – Survival Gear

The Schrade 22″ Outback Machete really impressed me. It is a chopping machine. It has enough mass to hit hard and an edge that bites deep. I may have gotten

Survival Gear Storage Storing SHTF survival gear. In this video we look at mylar bags, #10 cans, fishing gear, mres, …

100 $ SHTF Mystery Survival Gear – ELITE Box (What's Inside?)

100 $ SHTF Mystery Survival Gear – ELITE Box (What’s Inside?) In this video we are going to Open and find out Whats inside of SHTF Mystery Survival Gear...

Camping and Survival Gear Ideas From Goodwill

In this video I go to three different Goodwill’s in my area to see if I can find any Camping, Great Outdoors, Survival, and Prepping items or gear. This is to give...

How To Build A Foldable Stove – Survival Gear DIY

How To Build A Foldable Stove – Survival Gear DIY In this video I´ll show you, how you can build yourself a foldable stove using just a piece of scrap aluminium.

Survival Gear for Traveling Abroad

In this episode we go over some equipment we take when traveling outside the country as well as some footage of the adventures we had in Turks and Caicos.

B.A.S.I.C. Survival Gear & Mentality

There are five basic items I don’t leave the house without. I created an acronym for what I feel are the most important pieces of kit on their own or as a platform...